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You know you've thought about what it'd be like to fuck a midget. Don't lie, we all have. You've thought about what it would feel like to sink your hard cock to the hilt inside of Bridget the Midget's tight little cooch. If you don't already think about fucking midgets, at some point, you're gonna! Haha, so why not check it out inside? b>Become a member to get unlimited access to all incredibly hardcore scenes!

Midget Aliens Land On This Lady's Pussy!
Trust me when I tell you that this scene is just...creepy. Not often does porn make me have goose bumps, but this one did it. I didn't know whether to laugh, cry or what? Watch This Video!
Tiny Lesbo Licks Make Jack A Hard Boy!
She'd thought about Twidget on many occasions but could never get up enough nerve to approach her about anything sexual. A few glasses of liquid courage cured that right up! Watch This Video!
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